Final stand by 000master000Edward Sergey by 000master000Damaged bot by 000master000knocked out Tiger I by 000master000Modern Blitzkrieg by 000master000Naval Ammo detonation by 000master000Ambushed Churchill III by 000master00017th Century Warships by 000master000Unexpected 50 ton suprise by 000master000Spartan Warrior by 000master000Spider Mech by 000master000Futuristic warefare by 000master000tank sketching.jpgdragon-vs-hero-biglazor-cannon-bigrussian-green-bigtrench-warfare-biggerman-fortification-bigjapanesse-ironclad-bigrussian-landship-biggerman-landship-bigamerican-landship-with-background-bigbattleship

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